Piledriver truck mounted - Piledriver HD 800 truck-mounted

Piledriver HD 800 truck-mounted Piledriver truck mounted


Hammer rating: 625/830 J
Oil flow: 60/95 l/min
Pile max. diameter and max. lenght: 200 mm; 2.80 m
Weight: 1400 kg

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Pile drivers mounted on the back of a truck are particularly well-suited to road maintenance work. 

Their mobility and the possibility of carrying piles and guard-rails as well as the necessary road signs make the truck-mounted pile driver the perfect solution for small jobs in different locations.

The accessories designed for our pile drivers can also be applied to the "truck-mounted" version.

One important feature of our pile drivers is that they can be mounted on a crawler at any time, so that customers who purchase truck-mounted pile drivers for maintenance work can later purchase a crawler to have an independent pile driver for particularly heavy-duty jobs.

Technical data:

Hammer Power 625/830 J
Maximum diameter of the posts 200 mm
Maximum length of the posts 2800 mm
Total weight 1.400 kg

Reserved files:

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