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Faced with requests for machines with self-propelled cargo plan and hydraulic arm to handle materials, the company Orteco has examined the problem and designed and built the prototype called "pipelayers". 

The basic characteristics that we tried to give to this machine are:

  • mobility-tracked
  • load capacity 2 ton
  • clutter content
  • command-distance radio proportional
  • arm hydraulic loading unloading
  • security and low environmental impact
  • envelope accessories: welder, generator
  • floor loading / mobile work
  • hydraulic stabilizers.

The first copy was dedicated to handling, welding and installation of metal tubes is that PVC pipeline or pipelines for water. Funnel cables, etc.

The basic requirements were all expected, we had to verify that the shipment was possible to 400 kg lifting capacity of 7 mt for the scope of the half.

The speed of translation was differentiated for stage work and for stage transfer.

The machine was equipped with a generator 8 Kw. To operate a welding inverters suitable for welding pipes to be laid.

The machine is at work by 2 months and seems fully meets expectations.

The market prospects are good can use this machine for various work of laying and handling.

Even the barriers is considered interesting.

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Safety barrier


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Pile   Drivers   for
Solar plant


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