50 years of history
producing pile driving machines

ORTECO manufactures and markets hydraulic pile drivers for poles for guardrails, solar arrays, and fencing. Founded in the late 1960s, the company is located in the industrial area of Anzola dell'Emilia,  10 km away from the centre of Bologna.

Over 50 years ORTECO has been growing and offering its clients innovative, high-value machines.

Time Travel ...have a look to our story

  • 1970 First piledriver to be mounted on truck
  • 1970 Technical drawing of first piledriver to be mounted on truck
  • 1980 Piledriver special installation for agricultural tractor equipped with air compressor
  • 1980 Piledriver special installation for agricultural tractor equipped with air compressor
  • 1990 Production - implentation of piledriver for Unimog vehicles
  • 1990 Fist crawler mounted piledriver
  • 2000 Improvement of crawler mounted piledriver
    Orteco is the first brand that implements the application to correct the vertical driving of the pole
  • 2002 Fist extractor kit to remove poles from the ground
    2004 Creation of first Blade Mover patented
  • 2010 FEX Piledriver born to work on photovoltaic plants on field with slopes
    2012 Installation of the first automatic GPS Orteco machine control
  • 2013 Piledriver FEX able to work poles with an high till 6m
    2014 Piledriver HD 1000 able to work poles with an high till 5m
  • 2015 First Piledriver for agricultural work Orteco PPA
    2016 New model HD High Power 1500
  • 2021Pick and ram piledriver
    2021 Pole Positioning Machine

In 2011 ORTECO set an important record: 1000 pile driver units sold all over the world.

The Company aims to improve its technicians' know how and skills, by investing in development, research and innovation and constantly expanding the range of pile drivers produced, some of which have been patented.

After many years of specialization in the road safety sector, we have successfully brought  our pile driving machines into the world of solar power production, where our models meet the market's varied needs.

With years of experience we have built a reputation as market leader in the pile driver sector. ORTECO has been offering high-tech, long lasting, competitively priced pile drivers, along with an excellent customer service and support, which makes our business what it is.

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