The ORTECO pile driver is designed and built to be number one!

Our machines are safe and durable, offering outstanding performance and setting the standard in the industry.

Here are some of the solutions we adopt:

  1. We use bent sheet metal wherever possible, minimising welding. This makes our structures stronger and more elastic without extra weight, and prevents the risk of a weld giving way.
  2. All electrical systems and control panels are IP 65. All the wires in the electrical system are sheathed for protection against wear and moisture.
  3. Hydraulic pipes are in a protected position, so that the operator is not exposed to risk if a pipe leaks.
  4. Our driving hammer is contained in a box and insulated with polyurethane moulding to keep noise levels down: 112 dBa in the case of our 1000 HD model. The box containing the hammer also protects the operator against shards of iron produced by percussion.
  5. Our hammer works resting on the piling: it is not anchored to the column, so that it will not transmit vibrations to the entire machine, for guaranteed long life of all components.
  6. The ORTECO pile driver can easily be closed up for transportation and loaded in line with the truck, occupying only about 2300 mm.
  7. Our machine has no fifth wheel between the pile driver and the truck, as it is not necessary to reduce bulk during shipping. This means the machine has one less breaking point.
  8. We can mount a vast range of accessories for brilliantly performing all kinds of work, such as:
    - Borer
    - Drilling kit
    - Auger
    - Extractor kit
    - Barrier raiser
    - Automatic verticality
    - Radio control
    - GPS system
    - Pile shoe
  9. We offer a vast range of machinery for all requirements.
  10. We use top quality components to guarantee the utmost dependability.
In a word: we’re number 1!


Our way of working based on use of the “free” hammer is the result of years of experience.
At first we used a push-pull system with a chain that forced the hammer downward onto the piling, but there were several problems with the system: first of all, when the piling is hard to drive, strong vibrations are passed on to the frame of the machine, making a lot of noise and causing discomfort for the operator. But use of shock absorbers to reduce vibration eliminates thrust, so that the system doesn’t work.

Our hammer is kept in contact with the piling by its weight, which is calculated to be sufficient to ensure that it does not stop resting on the head of the piling and offers sufficient load to make the most of the shape of the hammer. Our free hammer system has been used on construction sites for many years now, and has been proven the best system for maximising productivity while minimising wear to the machine.

The driving hammer and the rotor/hole bottom drilling kit are held in position by the vertical column. They are free while they work, so they do not transmit vibrations to the structure, a solution guaranteeing long life for ORTECO pile drivers. Some of our competitors use different solutions, binding the hammer to the structure: but vibrations inevitably tend to cause wear to frames and compromise the operation of a number of parts. Mounting shock absorbers or springs, as they have done, reduces the problem but does not eliminate it.

Special care has been dedicated to the assembly and positioning of the hydraulic pipes, installed with a special focus on operator safety and convenient maintenance: they are located behind shields or in inspectable channels so that they are far away from the operator, who will be protected in the event of leakage of hot oil under pressure. All the pipes we use are made by premium manufacturers.
The standard side output on our pile driver is 1400 mm centre to mouth (2100 mm on request). This solution allows us to work in an ordinary motorway lane while reducing the amount of space taken up in it to 2200 mm.
The ORTECO pile driver may be equipped with different columns to suit the type of work: the column may be fixed or sliding, and drive pilings of up to 3, 3.50, 4 and 4.50 metres.

One particular feature of our column is that it may be folded into the shipping position to reduce bulk, in accordance with standard loading measurements.

The ORTECO pile driver was developed and built to ensure maximum stability without applying major counterweights: the counterweight for our standard machine is just a big weight that needs to be taken to the work site every day.

Every part of it is designed to be assembled in the best possible position, not the most convenient one for assembly.

The ORTECO pile driver can be equipped with a two-speed crawler and the position of the column can be adjusted forward or backward in the longitudinal direction in relation to the load (see figure below), reaching the exact driving position without moving the load.
Our competitors’ machines require the crawler to be moved to locate the driving point, causing problems establishing verticality: the column’s vertical position is lost every time the truck is moved, and when verticality is restored in the new position the driving point is lost, so that the truck has to be moved again, and so on.

When ORTECO first began making hydraulic pile drivers, it introduced a number of new solutions which were then adopted by numerous competitors:

  1. Correcting pile verticality while work is underway
  2. Adopting a soundproofed engine
  3. Automatically stopping driving once the desired level is reached
  4. Positioning the hammer a certain distance away from the column
  5. Dual action extractor: a very interesting solution which numerous competitors have attempted to copy.

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