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We design and build PILE DRIVING machines

We produce pile drivers for guardrails, pile drivers for solar arrays, machines for wooden posts and poles, pile drivers for vineyards, tracked pile drivers for beach use, and special-purpose machines. We have been doing it with expertise and passion for 50 years and we know our industry inside out.

That is why we invest every day in innovation, taking advantage of the expertise of our staff. Research and development is at the heart of our business: we design new pile driving machines to offer solutions that can satisfy the needs of our increasingly competitive and demanding market.

Orteco pile drivers can be found all over Italy and worldwide.
Our strong presence on international markets has been established through our dealers' expertise and passion and our customers' satisfaction and loyalty.

We are proud to know that in certain countries the word Orteco is actually used to mean pile driver, thanks to the long-standing renown of our brand.

Working along with a highly qualified team and reliable suppliers is the key to a successful production system of the pile driving machines in line with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Our strengths are::

1. OURTEAM: It is the key to success

2. OUR CLIENTS: Competent and demanding, with great experience in the pile driving sector, they are our best consultants.

3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Our reputation is based upon a through understanding of our clients' needs and then applying our know-how to deliver the best solution. We suggest the most suitable kinds of pile driving machines for the job to be done.

4. OUR PILE DRIVERS AT WORK: our most important goal is to project and develop machines and equipment that can meet the market needs. Enable us to improve continuously, in both after-sales assistance and pile driving equipment design.

5. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: we research and stay updated with new technologies for the production of our pile driving machines, also by using new materials.

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