Piledriver crawler  mounted - Piledriver  SUN 4.0   600 J

Piledriver SUN 4.0 600 J Piledriver crawler mounted


Hammer power 590 J
Engine Hatz 2L41C
Pile max. section and max. lenght: 180x180 mm; 2,8 m
Weight 3000 Kg


The SUN 4.0 piledriver was especially designed to install beach umbrella poles with the help of the GPS Machine Control system.
The machine moves by itself from one pole to the next quickly and with accuracy.
It is lightweight and the technical solutions adopted aim to reduce costs, energy and noise, protecting the environment.

Technical data:

Hammer Power 590 Joules
Maximum diameter of the posts 180 mm
Maximum length of the posts 2.800 (std) / 3.500 (opt) mm
Engine Diesel 21,3 Hp
Total Weight 3.000 kg

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